Church Done Differently



MicroChurches exists in your neighborhood, your workplace and everywhere in between.
Our goal is really quite simple. Instead of expecting people come to a church building every week, our aim is to bring the church into homes, workplaces, the beach, nursing homes, and anywhere where people are, all throughout San Diego. Each MicroChurch group is different representing all kinds of people groups: families, women, men, college students, co-workers, and the like. In other words, MicroChurch groups can meet anywhere with anyone in the context of the life you’re already living.

To be clear, Artisan’s MicroChurch model is not an anti-big-church or home-church movement, but an answer to how people are living life in 2016. We recognize that not everyone can go to church on Sunday morning, not everyone can afford transportation to drive to church, and not everyone feels comfortable visiting an unfamiliar church building for the first time. That said, MicroChurch groups accommodate busy schedules, alleviate long distance driving, and eliminate any first-time-visitor awkwardness.


Monthly Live Events
Every month, Artisan plans to hold a Live Event for all MicroChurches to attend and will be similar to a traditional weekend church service. Live Events will be specifically held to:
1. Worship Jesus Christ and to celebrate the goodness of God.
2. Provide an opportunity to invite friends and strangers to encounter God
3. Promote existing and to start new MicroChurches in San Diego
4. Bring all MicroChurches together to enjoy community and fellowship

Each Live Event is held in a rented facility that is central to most MicroChurch sites. This saves the church thousands of dollars and minimizes the typical cost of “doing church” by avoiding a costly mortgage/lease, utilities, furnishing, office equipment, property taxes, etc. Unfortunately, the typical church can spend tens of thousands of dollars each month on the aforementioned items, for a building that usually sits empty 5-6 days a week. MicroChurches and monthly Live Events eliminate unnecessary expenditures and redirect financial contributions to local outreach efforts, once-a-month rental, simple staffing, and cost-effective ministry resources. Our goal is to minimize cost and maximize impact!


1. We meet in homes throughout San Diego once a week. 
Each week, we come together to worship, to fellowship, and to study the word of God. A 10-15 minute micro-message is shared by Pastor Adrian, either live at the group or via video, then the group host leads the discussion of the word. Studies show that we grow more in our faith and feel more connected to one another when we are able to interact with the subject matter, rather than being preached to. So, think of a regular small group but with a slight twist. A MicroChurch is where real life happens and lives are changed. A MicroChurch is where people really care and our needs are met.

2. We come together for one big celebration once a month.
Each month, all MicroChurches come together in one central location for a Live Event with live worship with a full band, a full message, and an extended time of fellowship where we have food and fun. We invite local food trucks to our location and we have a ton of fun activities for the whole family. It’s really something to look forward to each month.


We hope that you will join us for one of our MicroChurch groups or a Live Event soon!
If you have any questions, please email us at contact@artisansd.com.