My True Identity – “In Christ, we are Forgiven.”

Sermon Review: My True Identity Pt. 4 – “Forgiven”

Your belief determines your behavior!
Proverbs 27:19 As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.

In Christ, we have been given a new identity. However, we often live life from the old identity we had before we were in Christ, simply because we are unaware of what God’s word says about us. God’s word says we are overcomers in Christ, yet if we don’t believe this, we will try to overcome in our own strength or will just live life as a victim, never overcoming anything. God’s word also says we are a masterpiece in Christ, yet if we don’t believe this, we will have a warped sense of self, not knowing we were created on purpose, with a purpose. It is therefore imperative to know what God says about us in his word so that we can live from Our True Identity.

Last week, we looked at another aspect of our true identity – “In Christ, we are Forgiven.”

From this message, we learned three things:

#1 God’s ability to forgive supersedes our greatest sin.
No matter what we have done, God can and wants forgive our sins if we come to him in faith with a repentant heart. 

#2 When God forgives, we are truly free.
God forgives us to the extent that our failure is no longer held against us. Our guilt has been removed and we are now truly free in Christ.

#3 Our past is in the past, and our future is in Christ
We often relive our past in our present, which ultimately affects our future. Taking a leaf from the Apostle Paul’s playbook in Philippians 3:13, we should “forget” the past, and press on towards Christ.

When we live from this identity, we are no longer held captive by guilt and shame. We are free to pursue our future in Christ!

Pastor Adrian