My True Identity – “In Christ, we are Salt & Light.”

Sermon Review: My True Identity Pt. 5 – “Salt and Light”

Your belief determines your behavior!
Proverbs 27:19 As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.

In Christ, we have been given a new identity. However, we often live life from the old identity we had before we were in Christ, simply because we are unaware of what God’s word says about us. God’s word says we are overcomers in Christ, yet if we don’t believe this, we will try to overcome in our own strength or will just live life as a victim, never overcoming anything. God’s word also says we are a masterpiece in Christ, yet if we don’t believe this, we will have a warped sense of self, not knowing we were created on purpose, with a purpose. It is therefore imperative to know what God says about us in his word so that we can live from Our True Identity.

Last week, we looked at another aspect of our true identity – “In Christ, we are Salt and Light.”

From this message, we learned that Jesus likens us to salt and light (Matt 5:13-16). Both elements had cultural significance in the 1st century.

5 Qualities of Salt:

  1. Salt preserves – Salt extends the life of foods and prohibits bacteria growth.
    As salt, our desire is to extend the life of those around us
  1. Salt purifies – Salt is often used in purification systems.
    As salt, we bring a Godly purity to an impure world.
  1. Salt Creates thirst – The natural properties of salt draw water out of our cells, creating thirst.
    As salt, our life creates a craving and a curiosity in others for God.
  1. Salt Melts Ice – Salt lowers the freezing point of water causing ice to melt.
    As salt, we melt the ice of people’s hearts to be more receptive to the words of God.
  1. Salt heals – Salt contains natural curative powers that helps respiratory issues, disinfects wounds, and alleviates swelling.
    As salt, we offer the healing power of God’s love.

Cultural Context of Light:

A typical Palestinian home only had one window that was open during the day to provide circulation in the home. In the evening, a lamp would be lit before it got too dark. To protect the flame whilst the window was open they would take a bowl with hole in the bottom, turn it over, and place it over the lamp. The hole would provide the necessary oxygen to keep the lamp alight while still protecting it from being blown out. Since the bowl prevented the lamp from giving off light, they would remove the bowl once it got dark and the window was closed. It was then placed on a stand to give light to the entire room.

As the darkness around us gets darker, we should not keep our light under a bowl. If we want the light of Christ to be evident to others, remove the bowl and burn brightly!

Being Salt and Light, requires boldness:

We looked at the account of the Apostle Paul and Silas being put in jail in Acts 16:22-34, and read that at midnight they, with great boldness, started singing hymns and praying aloud for others to hear. Paul and Silas knew that the light within them was greater than the darkness around them.

Being Salt & Light, changes lives:

As a result of Paul and Silas’ boldness, a dramatic change took place in the jail. The ground shook, their shackles fell off, and the jail cell doors flew open. More importantly though, the head jailer rushed in and uttered these powerful words, “What must I do to be saved?” Paul and Silas lived out their true identity in Christ as salt and light. As a result, the jailer and his entire family came to Christ and were baptized (Acts 16:33-34).


When we believe what Jesus says about us, our behavior will begin to change. So, live as salt and light, be bold, and see the lives around you begin to change!


Pastor Adrian